About Mediation

We are committed to the resolution of family disputes in a dignified and nonconfrontational way. As lawyer mediators we are best placed to give you information about what the law says. We will guide you to find creative solutions. We will not seek to impose a solution on you. We will help you to explore the options that are best for you in a safe environment. As mediators, we are neutral and impartial.

We will help you to discuss the issues that matter most to you in a respectful and non-judgmental way. You will remain in control of the process, and you will determine the pace at which it proceeds.

If you are successful in reaching a decision and have made proposals as to the ways you both wish to move forward, we will document that decision in a way that will best assist your legal advisers. We know what your lawyers will expect, and what information your lawyers will need to convert your proposals into a legally binding agreement.

We know that it can often take courage to talk, particularly where there has been a complete breakdown in communications.