Costs of Mediation

Mediation Charges

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings: MIAMS

A charge is made of £95.00 plus vat for each MIAM.

Following the MIAM if you decide to proceed with Mediation then £35.00 plus vat will be deducted from the cost of the first mediation meeting.


For the initial intake meeting a charge of £60.00 plus vat is made for each person; this will not be required where a MIAM has taken place.

For Family Mediation a typical 1 ½ hour session will cost £180 plus VAT for each person (based on an hourly rate of £120 per hour plus VAT for each person).

We also offer a discounted rate for people whose gross incomes are below £30,000 per annum and have capital of less than £10,000, where we charge that person £100 plus VAT per hour. To qualify for this discounted rate you need to provide up to date documentary evidence of your income. We regret we are unable to offer Legal Aid for Mediation.

(You may qualify for Publicly Funded Mediation if you are in receipt of state benefits or if you have a low income. Please check your eligibility by using the legal aid calculator).

Charges are made for the Mediation meetings, review of financial disclosure, and for drafting documents. These include the following:-

Face to face mediation sessions
(usually 1 – 2 hours)

Review of financial documents between meetings
(usually 1 hour)

Interim summaries prepared where requested
(usually 1 hour)

The Open Financial Statement
(usually 1 – 2 hours)

The Memorandum of Understanding
(usually 1 – 2 hours)

There is no charge for routine letters and phone calls. If we need to write a joint letter to seek expert advice (for example to a pension actuary) we will agree a charge with you beforehand for this work.

Each of you is individually responsible for your fees unless it has been agreed at mediation that one of you will be responsible for them all.

We reserve the right to raise a cancellation charge of £50 plus VAT per person in the event of cancellation of a mediation session at less than 48 hours notice.